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We Make Tastebuds Happy

Since 2023, Anohmale have become the most renowned Catering Company in the Bay Area - East Bay Region. Rooted in creativity and famous for flawless execution, Anohmale present unparalleled tastes and haute cuisine worthy of the most distinguished palates.

We cater events ranging from romantic and intimate to festive and fabulous. Our calendar fills up quickly, so kindly speak with us early in the planning process to ensure availability.


Alvaro Lopez, Sr.

"Lopez tambien conocido como el Chayote orijinariode un Pueblo de Jalisco llamado (Mascota en Jalisco Mexico) Illegando a este Pais de USA en los 80 llegando a trabajar en constructioncon el tiempo empensamos cosinando tacos para la familia y despues empensando en taquizas para nuestros clientes y hoy empesando un nuevo negocio de nombre TACOS EL CHAYOTE a sus ordenes".


Yessenia Lopez

Hi guys! Yessenia here, from corporate cook to part owner of "Chayotes tacos." I have been in the culinary industry for over 10 years. My passion is cooking, creating, and amazing people through palettes. I love the idea of fusion, making new flavors that aren't traditional but mind-blowing


Alvaro Lopez 

Alvaro Lopez has been a vital part of tacos since 2023, and lives to make our clients’ palates happy. Alvaro Lopez is the first to open the shop and prepare ingredients, and quite frankly, we’d be lost without Alvaro Lopez.


Hector Navarro

A Mexican-American family man who is a great cook whose craft is as shart as his knife. His inspiration is bringing people together by doing what he loves, which is creating great food for others.

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